“You Just Had To Be There”

Trip Down Memory Lane Turns into Viral Trend

Over the weekend, the “you just had to be there” trend blew up on Twitter and spread like wildfire across all social platforms. The posts feature a selection of images encapsulating the good old days in popular culture – TV, music, iconic products and all the fads of the eighties, nineties, noughties and 2010s. Here are a few examples to kick-start that bittersweet nostalgia…

Alas, who misses a bit of Blockbuster fun on a Friday night, before the takeover of Netflix and Amazon Fire Stick?

Back in the days of listening to Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” and sipping on your cranberry juice, whilst getting ready for your neon-themed party.

A look back to the many phases of Miley Cyrus a.k.a Hannah Montana (or not so much).

Throwback to that time when Ed Sheeran conquered the charts so aggressively that the Official Charts Company had to “drastically rethink” the rules.

One from our client realme, reminiscing on some of the hot phone trends circa 2004, featuring the queen of the noughties herself – Paris Hilton.

Festivals? Drinking in groups? Big crowds? Going to have to delve deep into ye olde memory bank to find ones of those non socially-distanced activities.

When the stickiness of your slime or number of loom band bracelets on your wrists were an indicator of your popularity.


Don’t blame us if “this could be the staaaart, of something neeeeew” is now stuck firmly in your head.

Enjoy getting a bit sentimental? Check out the you just had to be there Twitter thread for more blasts from the past.

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