What’s Popping In Pop Culture?

YouTube Publishes New Report On Key Video Consumption Trends Among Gen Z.

YouTube has published a 55-page report, incorporating insights from 10 countries and data during the pandemic, on understanding the trends among videos with generation z. Likewise, these findings have been able to help Youtube understand and relate to the new digital strategy.

Finding out that the internet has become more of a popular culture over the years and that has evolved by becoming more individualised, the report listed three key trends.


[Creds: YouTube]


Community Creativity

Groups or communities on video-shared platforms have become popular, especially since the pandemic. As YouTube describes from their findings, “Fandom is one of the most powerful forms of community. 61 percent of Gen Z would agree that they would describe themselves as a really big or super fan of someone or something.”

During the pandemic, YouTube found that those communities taking up niche passions and turning them into shared experiences created a wider internet cultural community.

Multi-Format Creativity

Another key trend found was that short-form videos and a community can help with monetisation benefits towards longer-form clips.

“59 percent of Gen Z agree that they use short-form video apps to discover things that they then watch longer versions of,”- YouTube.


[Creds: YouTube]


Responsive Creativity

According to the new report, 65 percent of generation z agree that content that has more personal relevance to them is more important than popular content.

Since the pandemic, there has been a yearning for emotional needs. Thus, the rise of comfort creators, vibe content, and even ASMR, has become popular in the last two years. This new digital culture is all about focusing on the personal relevant side of content, then just what’s new.

From this report, YouTube has shown that internet pop culture is going through another shift to suit the trends, and to fit in with the generation, which has the most influence with these digital apps. A lot can change within a year, as seen from the pandemic, and so will be interesting to see how the trends will change by 2023.

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