#TwitterPrism Initiative Pushes To Maximise Inclusion Within Advertising

There is an increasing push at the moment for social media to incorporate inclusivity into their operations to, quite rightly, keep up with the times. As part of its broader efforts to increase inclusion on the platform, Twitter has announced their new #TwitterPrism initiative. 

As explained by Twitter, “Inspired by the work already happening, and aware of how much more there is to be done, we’re announcing #TwitterPrism to bring together existing and new efforts that support diverse creators and publishers. #TwitterPrism encourages and enables our advertising partners to create campaigns that are rooted in culture, and centre diverse, intersectional voices.”


The program puts a focus on marketeers, assisting them in developing more inclusive strategies of operating and encouraging their media spend to be funnelled into communities that have previously been excluded.

In order to do this, Twitter is offering them Cultural Context workshops to encourage expanding knowledge and understanding. Alongside this, they are sharing market insights, so that “brands can better understand specific aspects of the communities they want to engage with.”  

The Amplify marketer program will also be expanded, increasing the number of minority-owned providers to allow brands to invest in diverse publishers and creators.

It’s great to see a media giant like Twitter making moves to be more inclusive and put meaningful structures in place to empower and support minority audiences. Hopefully this increased effort will encourage other social media platforms to do the same.

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