Twitter Publishes Insightful Trends Report

A Breakdown of Hot Topics on Twitter (2018-2020)

To get the most out of any platform, you need an understanding of what’s hot and what’s happening.

Tapping into trends, however, isn’t always so easy, particularly considering the surfeit of information online. Luckily, Twitter has sifted through the data for us – the company recently published a 33-page trends report, outlining an array of buzz topics on Twitter (based on overall engagement) in the last two years.

Many believe that social media is an echo of our collective consciousness, or acts as a mirror held up to society. Twitter itself stated, “people come to Twitter to talk about the things that matter to them. Entertainment, news, sports, fashion – it’s all here. And by analysing these honest conversations, we can get a fresh understanding of the evolving cultural trends and attitudes shaping our future.”

Within the report, Twitter compiled a list of what conversational topics have become increasingly popular between December 2018 through to November 2020:

[Image Creds: Twitter’s Trend Report]

Twitter splits each trend into sections, reviewing topics of focus and sharing examples of related Tweets:

[Image Creds: Twitter’s Trend Report]

Twitter also provides a list of related hashtags:

[Image Creds: Twitter’s Trend Report]

Many of the rising topics identified, such as the rise of conversational entertainment and online shopping, resonate as a by-product of the pandemic and related shift in our everyday habits.

The ever-changing climate means that people’s wants and needs are evolving rapidly, which can be difficult for brands to navigate. Reports, like this one, give useful insight into what’s making users tick and what they’re growing to expect from brands, which could inform their strategic approach. Check out the full trend report on Twitter’s website.

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