Twitter’s 2022 Planning Guide For Tweet Success!

Twitter Is On A Mission To Help Marketers By Offering Their New Guide

 Twitter has released their 2022 planning guide, guiding users with their strategy for 2022. Within their guide they offer templates, tips and prompts to help users construct engaging tweets.

Twitter advises to marketers the below:

  • Plan their promoted and organic Tweets a month ahead
  • Find their brand voice on Twitter
  • Improve their Tweets with pro-tips from the Twitter Business team
  • Think of new content with ‘month of Tweet’ themes
  • Achieve creative best practices
  • Plan better Twitter Ads campaigns

The guide spans 69 pages, most of which is taken up by calendar templates that you can fill in as you go.

[Image Creds:  TwitterBusiness]

Firstly, Twitter are encouraging marketers to plan far in the future, using monthly calendars as a framework. This forward-thinking strategy will allow marketers to have a consistent approach throughout the year, whilst ensuring no seasonal events are missed.

The guide also encourages marketers to establish guardrails for their strategy. This section is divided into three (copy, media and emojis), demonstrating what content aligns (and fails to align) with the marketer’s page. Establishing this early on can ensure that brand uniformity is present throughout posts.

[Image Creds: SocialMediaToday]

Alongside guidelines, Twitter has also offered useful prompts to help marketers if they are struggling, including: pro-tips, shoutouts and memes. This section also outlines creative best practices, offering helpful ways to structure a tweet.

[Image Creds: SocialMediaToday]

Lastly, the monthly listing allows marketers to write down their key objectives and ways to achieve them effectively, including tracking of their Twitter metrics.

Twitter’s guide is extremely helpful for those who are new to posting on the platform, or those who need a helping hand with establishing their social media presence. This guide is a sure-fire wine for Twitter success in 2022 – take advantage of it.

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