Twitter’s Guide For Brands On Consumer Expectations

Twitter Has Published A Report Detailing How Brands Can Appeal More To Consumers On The App.

Twitter’s latest report analyses a number of brand tweets – as well as tweets about brands and consumer surveys – to outline the most effective forms of communication for brands to adopt.

The company notes that users are increasingly interested in having conversations with brands, 7/10 people having agreed that “Brand Twitter” is one of the best parts of the platform. This can involve engaging with consumers about your products and services, or taking a humorous approach towards topics surrounding your product.

This finding encourages awareness and connection on more of a personal/human level, going beyond traditional brand communication.

[Creds: Twitter]

Twitter also urges brands to acknowledge current events, both more general and those involving their business. Consumers are increasingly concerned with the ethics behind where they shop, so showing concern and humanity in times of crisis is essential to gain the trust of consumers. 8 in 10 users feel that brands need to “evolve their tone with the times.

Communicating authentically and honestly is essential. Alongside this, it is important to ensure that the content offered to customers can be distinguished from that of competitors. 

Twitter also identifies what kinds of events users may or may not want to see brands engage with.

[Creds: Twitter]

Lastly, Twitter urges brands to establish their voice; in order to engage with customers, you must investigate how, but more importantly why you communicate and what you want to say to your audience.

Overall, the guide highlights that taking a step back and analysing the approach you are taking, before continuing to post this year, is essential. Following these steps can allow for more genuine relationships with customers.

[Creds: Tattoo Content Studio]

Of course, each each of these tips are based on broad analysis, and different methods may work for different brands,  but understanding your target audience is the best way to market effectively to them.

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