Trump To Roll Out ‘Truth Media’

Donald Trump Has Announced His New ‘Truth Media’ Platform, Coming Soon…

After the slue of drama that occurred during Trump’s presidential term, we’re sure that we had seen the back of the former leader. As well as this, his infamous ban from all the main social media platforms has meant that we haven’t heard much from the man himself. 

However, this all changed last week when he announced that he would be launching ‘Truth Social’, a new channel that will stand up to the tyranny of big tech. Trump claims that the big tech companies in the US are silencing the people of the US. 

Image creds: MSNBC News

After his supporters stormed the capitol earlier this year, Trump was banned from Twitter and suspended from Facebook. This ban came after many threats to suspend his account throughout his presidency on account of his posts sharing inflammatory, insulting and false statements. 

The social media platforms had started banning some of his posts earlier in the year, after his false claims about Covid-19. But the final straw was his statement about the riots being led by ‘patriots’ and his refusal to accept the election result. This prompted the firms to rule that continuing to allow him to post on the sites would be too risky. 

Image creds: Local Vegas News

In May, the ex-president launched ‘From the Desk of Donald J Trump’, a blog which was shut down a month after launch after not attracting the desired large audience. After this failure to launch Trump is back again and will be launching Truth Social next month.

The platform will be made available to invited guests next month and will have its nationwide rollout at the start of 2022. There has been no indication of a working platform yet and it seems unlikely that the platform will rival the likes of Twitter and Facebook as Trump hopes. It seems more likely to rival other ‘free speech’ social media.

Image creds: Basic Tutorials

We will be keeping a keen eye on the launch of this project; it will be interesting to see how successful the platform will be or if Trump’s social media days have been and gone.

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