Trend Hunter’s Consumer Trends of 2021

Live Music and Events Marketing During COVID-19

Trend Hunter – the world’s largest, most advanced and most powerful trend platform – recently shared its comprehensive account of the top 100 current trends for 2021.

The article, described as “your back pocket go-to for conquering chaos and innovating ahead,” looks at what major industry shifts have taken place recently and why?

The attention to finding order within “chaos” is particularly pertinent in the current climate. The article addresses how social distancing, anxieties surrounding the COVID-19 and the increasing importance of digital has affected consumer behaviour.

In other words, it analyses a gravitation towards and growing demand for certain types of products, following a shift in our living-style and everyday habits.

[Image Creds: Trend Hunter Report]

The article is pretty hefty, containing pages and pages of trends and insights, but is also extremely valuable for brands and businesses in their own pursuits of innovation.

Find traipsing through the whole report a bit of a long task? Looking to market live music and events in a way that promotes safety and security? That’s our focus of the day –  here’s our breakdown…

Lockdown Living

  • In-Game Concert – In-game concerts have become popular as people seek at-home entertainment

Trend – “Gaming experiences are now including concerts by real-world celebrity musicians, who are currently restricted in their ability to perform for people live. These in-game experiences include animated versions of the artists and live viewings.”

Insight – “Consumers are finding more creative ways to entertain themselves without leaving the house, as people around the world are restricted in the recreational options they have outside the home. They’re turning to brands that understand their unique circumstances and are able to support or entertain them as they move forward with their changed lifestyles.”

[Image Creds: Trend Hunter Report]

These ‘In-Game Concerts’ (such as when American rapper Travis Scott virtually performed within popular video game Fortnite in front of 27.7 million viewers) give artists a chance to “perform” and maintain hype around their music in lockdown. This method would work particularly well for artists that have a fanbase with a large percentage of gamers, who have turned to gaming consoles as a pass-time.

  • Virtual Crowd – Companies are creating solutions to allow fans to attend live virtual events

Trend – “Companies are creating technologically-integrated solutions that allow the public to attend live events, including professional sporting events, and live concerts. This was made possible through the use of video conference technology that can place people in the crowd, as well as virtual reality technology”

Insight – “With ongoing uncertainties around what the future will look like when it comes to health and safety, many people are looking for escapist activities to engage in as a coping mechanism. Escapist content can be more effective if it mimics what viewers are used to watching, and it can bring viewers a degree of normalcy into their lives.” 

[Image Creds: Trend Hunter Report]

The ‘Virtual Crowd’ trend is another way to keep the music scene alive, until our summer (hopefully) pops off. However, in comparison to the ‘In-Game Concert’ trend, it would work for a larger variety of live performances (ballet, opera, theatre) and audience types (i.e., the older generation).

Lockdown Lifting

And what about when lockdown lifts? Here’s a recap of some of the trends that aim to create an environment that is optimal for event attendees (who might have COVID-19 related anxieties), so that they feel safe and secure once live shows reopen.

  • Design-Forward Signage— Creatives are delivering aesthetic-driven designs to encourage distancing

Trend – “As countries are beginning to ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, designers are launching captivating and artistic signage to remind people to physically distance. These “installations,” which are often used as guides, are prevalent in public spaces, as well as artistic institutions, where they encourage mindfulness while maintaining an aesthetic language.”

Insight – “Many contemporary consumers—especially younger demographics—are mindful of aesthetics, both in their personal lives, as well as the spaces that they frequent. Being a predominantly visual culture entails that consumers in this age engage and are captivated by objects that are appealing to the eye. As a result, individuals tend to pay more attention and respond better to cues that suit their aesthetic expectations or that of the space they are in.”

[Image Creds: Trend Hunter Report]
  • 2. Contactless Shopping Brands are enabling consumers to safely try out products amid COVID-19

Trend – “Brands in different industries—especially those in fashion and food & beverage—are adapting the shopping experience to meet the health and safety concerns of consumers. As a result, more brands are introducing contactless methods of sampling products or trying on clothes.”

Insight – “The COVID-19 pandemic has made consumers extremely aware of what they come in contact with. Due to safety concerns pertaining to sanitation, many are reluctant or unable to re-engage in activities, which were previously enjoyed in a carefree manner. Amid these enforced and psychological restrictions, consumers are looking to replicate the recreational experiences they once engaged in, while prioritising safety.” 

[Image Creds: Trend Hunter]
  • 3. Biometric Health Companies are utilising biometric technology to safely monitor health screenings

Trend – “As COVID-19 forces the world to respond with safety precautions, some brands are leveraging biometric technology as a touchless health procedure. Public and work places are scanning anyone who enters the premise using a solution that tracks temperature at a safe distance to limit contact.”

Insight – “As COVID-19 restrictions slowly lift, consumers are transitioning back to their routines before the pandemic. This includes shopping, traveling, or working in a shared space. As these routines gradually return, consumers are still concerned about possible health risks. They look for solutions that reassure them that public spaces are safe so they can go about their routines with less anxiety.”

[Image Creds: Trend Hunter]

Of course, by 21st June many will be pining for a restriction-free blow out. However, naturally, many will maintain anxieties surrounding COVID-19 safety. When marketing a live music and events company, it could be beneficial to draw attention to the selection of safety-measures put in place, such as design-forward signage, which could be implemented in a trendy, eye-catching way, a contactless bar and biometric technology health screenings before entry.

Go check out the full report for more trends and insights, there for you to cleverly weave into your marketing strategy.

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