TikTok X The Car Industry

TikTok Offers A Helping Hand To Auto Marketers

TikTok is known for its mishmash of content, from dances to cringey celebrity to… cars! 

The car industry is worth more than £78.9 billion worldwide and, unsurprisingly, the increasingly powerful short-form video app TikTok has addressed this popularity in releasing the ‘Auto Playbook 101’. This guide looks at key engagement trends, hashtags and case studies of successful campaigns. 

Here’s a little breakdown…

#CarsofTikTok and related car hashtags are a very popular topic, with over 60 billion views of car related content

Another helpful piece of information provided is the popularity of specific types of ads. Case studies are a great way to help marketers to see the type of content which can garner the most views for their content. From the infographics we can also see the type of cars most valued and searched for.  

The information provided can also be useful to those outside of the automotive sector, showing how the TikTok audience works overall, how engagement varies throughout a campaign and the type of content that brands can be posting. This infographic can be useful throughout any campaign to ensure success. 

There are also a variety of tips scattered throughout, including suggestions to ‘Include a strong CTA’ and ‘Get your key message out early’.

The impact of TikTok is clear, with over 100 million monthly users spending over the length of a movie worth of time on the app. So, if you are an automotive marketer or just trying to grow your account, this is a useful tool to have in your workbox. 

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