TikTok Vs. Reels Ads

Ad Design Platform Creatopy Releases Case Study Comparing Performance Results From Ads On Reels and TikTok

TikTok has proven itself as the dominant social media giant, recently announcing that it hit 1 billion users. However, with the introduction of Instagram Reels, the platform now has a major competitor

Ad design platform Creatopy released a case study recently, detailing the differences in performance results between ads on the two platforms.

Creatopy placed the same ad on both platforms with the objective to spend $1000 on each. They targeted similar audiences based on age, location and interests.

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They found that: 

  • Reach on instagram was almost double of TikTok at 389,000 to 199,000
  • Impressions were nearly triple that of TikTok on Instagram
  • The reels brought more clicks than the TikTok ads at 36 compared to 28 on Instagram
  • It cost Creatopy $2.60 to reach the 1,000 people on Reels and $5.03 on TikTok
  • The CPM was a lot more expensive on TikTok at $4.38 compared to Reels at $1.67

We can see clearly here that, unexpectedly, Instagram Reels came out on top, particularly when it came to reach and impressions. We can also see this being true in the cost.

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For both campaigns, the cost per click turned out higher than expected on both campaigns, with $35.72 on TikTok and $28.08 on Instagram Reels.

Creatopy also found that, on their TikTok page, launching a second video as an ad campaign can exponentially increase the amount of views that the page receives.

Another noticeable point was that the age of TikTok users is, on average, far younger than Instagram’s, which may have an impact on the amount of link clicks they receive. The campaign, however, targeted an older demographic; the success of the Instagram campaign may be attributed to their older audience base on the platform.

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Overall, we can see that Reels may be a better home for ads – however, it’s important to take into account the audience on the platform and the kind of content used.

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