TikTok Updates Moderation Guidelines

TikTok Updates Moderation Guidelines

After a recent report that highlighted TikTok’s lack of approach in removing QAnon related content, TikTok has now outlined additional steps that it’s taking to combat hate speech and protect users from manipulation and misinformation.

TikTok has come under fire after the company Media Matters conducted an investigation which identified 14 QAnon affiliated hashtags and variations on TikTok, despite claims of it being outlawed by TikTok in their community guidelines.

TikTok has now removed 11 of the 14 hashtags that’s been identified by Media Matters report. They will also seek to conduct further improvement in their enforcement efforts through improved education as to how groups like QAnon are operating and adjusting.

TikTok is also looking to remove misinformation and harmful stereotypes of other communities. They are also working to education their moderation teams on the use of re-claimed language by minority groups, to ensure that terms which could constitute as slurs, are now being used in a way of empowerment are not removed.

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