Want To Maximise Content Performance On TikTok? We Can Now Share How.

TikTok Released Their New Tips On How To Maximise Content Performance On The App. 

This advice can change the game when it comes to approaching posting on TikTok. This advice, which was recently shared on the TikTok Business blog, details some basic guide notes for creators.

TikTok wrote “While there are endless ways to create a “good” TikTok video, finding your brand’s unique voice and direction is what will ultimately set you apart, and the rules are just tips and tricks to get you there.”

[Creds: TikTok For Business]

Although the guide was fairly basic the rationale behind these elements is important.

Go big with full-screen: This means shooting with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Utilising the full screen can make videos a lot more user friendly. Black borders around videos are not appealing and can come off as unprofessional when posting.

Tell a short story: TikTok recommends sticking between 21-and 24 seconds and never going below 10. Although TikTok is a short-form video app, utilising the time available to you is important to encourage engagement. If you can keep audiences engaged for longer they may be more likely to follow you. TikTok also takes watch time as a measure of interest.

Shoot hi-res: Ensure that your video resolution is 720P+. Having good video resolution plays into the idea that your content is professional and high quality. 

Make some noise: Include audio, even better include relevant audio. Utilising trending ‘sounds’ is a great way to play into trends and get your video noticed. This may also help you to appear in the for-you pages of people you would like to appeal to. 

In addition to these tips, TikTok also included some stats on how users engage with brands in the app.

[Creds: TikTok For Business]


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