TikTok Reveals More Insights Into Its Algorithm

Here’s How It Recommends Content:

TikTok has shared some new insights into how its feed algorithm works, which could help many to maximise their TikTok video performance.

The main takeaways, as reported by Axios;

“When users open TikTok for the first time, they are shown 8 popular videos featuring different trends, music, and topics. After that, the algorithm will continue to serve the user new iterations of 8 videos based on which videos the user engages with and what the user does.”

TikTok engagement, as outlined by SocialMediaToday is therefore based on:

  • Direct interaction – Comments, likes, follows and shares
  • Completion rates – Watching a clip through to the end
  • Video information – Whether the cli[p includes captions, specific sounds and songs, hashtags, etc.
  • Device and account settings – While a lesser factor in determining reach, TikTok does also consider elements like language preference, country setting and your mobile device type.



(Image Creds: TikTok)

TikTok have also outlined a new virtual tour of its Transparency Center. The app has stated that they believe accountability and transparency to be “essential to facilitating trust with our community”, and that they are “committed to leading the way when it comes to being transparent in how [they] operate, moderate and recommend content.”