TikTok Research Highlights the Importance of Audio

TikTok Releases New Insights on The Significance of Sound for Marketing Promotions

The hotshot video-streaming app TikTok – offering a wide a range of sounds, songs and audio features – recently released insights from its latest research report, revealing why audio so is significant for brand promotions on the platform.

In this report, TikTok expressed how its users were more alert and engaged when an ad featured one of its trending Sounds.

As explained by TikTok, “We knew that the fundamental nature of audio on TikTok was helping to drive our record-high engagement rates. But we wanted to understand why. So we partnered with Kantar to learn more about the impact of sound on digital advertising.”

The main findings from the research were:

  1. 88% of users said that audio was a crucial part of the TikTok experience.
  2. 73% of TikTokers revealed that they would stop and watch the ad if an ad contained sound elements.
  3.  TikTok announced that they were the only platform where ads with sound significantly boosted purchase intent and brand favourability.

[Image Creds: TikTok]

It is important to note that, for all other apps, it has been strongly recommended that brands should include sound-off features and captions, helping to create a a smoother scrolling experience for the user.

With TikTok, however, it’s quite the opposite – with a 66% higher rate than other platforms, users described having sound on ads as “fun.”

TikTok stated, (Sound is) the anti-scroll, and it helps your messages not only be heard but be felt by your audiences

TikTok advises brands to:

  1. License popular music
  2. Intensify branded sounds
  3. Create new and original sound elements

[Image Creds: TikTok]

The app also announced that brands are allowed to use their free Commercial Music Library, containing over “hundreds of thousands of pieces of licensed music and sounds to use on TikTok.”

[Image Creds: TikTok]

Whilst music usage on social media is minimal for some brands, TikToks insights show that – when doing ads on its immensely popular platform – it is certainly worth considering.

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