TikTok Pushing to Support Marketers and Content Creators

TikTok Has Released the Latest Edition of Their ‘What’s Next’ Report, and Announced a Wide Range of Tools, Functions, and Resources Available on The Platform

Given the increasing popularity of digital channels, it becomes a necessity for platforms to grow and evolve in order to establish a sustainable revenue stream. Without doing so, this would result in failure given their ignorance in how their market is growing. As such, businesses will want to ensure they keep on top of trends, and adapt to the needs of those who utilise the platform.

One platform which has continually followed these trends is TikTok, recently releasing a new range of tools and reports to aid marketers, enabling them to reach the widest audience possible. Coming off a recent announcement in extending the video formats to a possible 10 minute limit, TikTok will want to continue to make sure the content creators and marketers online are supported.

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One such tool includes the Agency Centre, which offers guidance and support to those who use the TikTok LIVE feature. This will allow content creators to indicate to agencies if they need support, and the brands can then step in and offer guidance on how to grow their platform and image online.

Additionally, TikTok has released a set of tips to maximise branded content; this was done given TikTok know their position as a cultural trend setter, so any insight they can offer to marketers should incentivise them to continue using the platform.

Furthermore, TikTok also released their latest edition of the ‘What’s Next’ report, which highlights the trends marketers can utilise when promoting their content. This also indicated how they can work with creators, offering the following advice:

  • Do Your Homework – this is to ensure brands are connecting with the correct audience, and to avoid any possible controversies
  • Test out different content creators – different creators have different appeals and styles, and wil help brands whittle down a list of effective people to partner with
  • Use the tools available on TikTok – this would include the use of the TikTok Ads Manager, and the Creator Marketplace.
  • Build a Holistic strategy that’s “Always On” – this would allow the brands to be present on feed constantly.
  • Support creators beyond the brief – this will help to foster a stronger relationship, and help create higher-quality content.

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All of this indicates strong support in moving to enable creator success on the platform. As discussed extensively before, TikTok needs to ensure the support is available, so as to make it easier for brands to engage with the platform and avoid the pitfalls of their predecessor, Vine. Additionally, this also comes as a tactical tool in an attempt to outshine their competitors, given they currently offer greater monetisation incentives. But, TikTok still has the advantage in terms of brand impact, having published the following information:

  • 73% report TikTok makes them feel a deeper connection with brands.
  • 78% consider the brands who work with the content creators as better in quality
  • 70% feel engaged within a community on the platform
  • 67% state TikTok made them want to shop even when they had no incentive to do so

[Creds: ETI Labs]

Given the listed statistics, this should enable TikTok to survive if brands are continually attracted to the platform given the impact they could have on a targeted segment. Coupled with the new 10 minute upload format and an increased support network, TikTok may have finally cracked the code in providing an effective monetisation and profitable scheme outside the controversial Creator Fund.

It’s clear TikTok is aware of the steps necessary to attract creators and marketers to the platform, especially with the looming threat of competition. It’s not entirely obvious if these new trends will spell success; how people engage with the trends and tools will determine the outcome, whether it be good or bad.

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