TikTok Planning to Adjust Algorithm on For You Page

An Attempt To Reduce The Impact Of Harmful Content On Their Users

In a recent post, TikTok announced they will be making changes to the algorithm which determines the content that appears on their users For You page. This is being done with the aim to reduce the exposure their users have to harmful content; conversely, the other side of this, TikTok states this would also result in users being able to explore new content they would not normally find when casually scrolling through their feed. 

TikTok have stated “the For You feed is part of what enables people to explore a diversity of ideas, creators, and interests”, so adjusting the discovery algorithm accordingly should enable this to come across in a more effective manner.

[Image Creds: VEED]

The choice to make this adjustment in reducing the exposure to potentially harmful content comes at the chance for TikTok to avoid reinforcing negative influences on their users; if exposed too much to a certain type of content, TikTok are aware of the exponential harm it could cause, especially if not placed in the original context from which it came. This also comes at a time where TikTok has already been placed under scrutiny for the impact their content has on young users, so by providing a more diverse range of content from the creators they have access to, TikTok should be able to provide an improved, more positive experience for their users.

[Image Creds: WebPurify]

Additionally, TikTok is considering adding options for users to stop content appearing on their feed completely, including the ability to block phrases or specific hashtags showing up on their For You pages. As such, this grants an increased amount of control in allowing users to view content relating to their personal preferences, but potentially means some topics may no longer appear on a users page, if they so wish. 

This could pose marketing challenges for businesses, as they would no longer be able to reach potential new target audiences. However, it may also open up the opportunity to reach more individuals, as their offerings may be discovered by those who might have been otherwise unaware, allowing for more success in the long-run.

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