TikTok Launches ‘Playlists’ Feature

Option for TikTok Users to Group Their Clips Into Themed Collections

TikTok’s new feature allows users to create dedicated collections of video clips, under a playlist name of up to fifteen characters. These collections will then be displayed on the user’s profile. This update should help create an extensive boost to your engagement and overall presence on the social media platform.

TikTok influencer Jera Foster-Fell has shared screenshots of what this feature will look like.

[Image Creds: Matt Navarra]

Foster-Fell has posted an example of how the new feature will work.


Overall, the new feature is relatively straightforward:

  1. Users will need to press on “Sort videos into playlists”┬ásituated above the video display on your profile.
  2. Users will be able to name their playlist and then select the videos they want to add.
  3. Once the users have saved the playlist, it will then be made available to other users to check out the content.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzio provided further information, revealing that “Playlists” will eventually be available on all Creator and Business accounts. The feature will be highly effective and beneficial for the users of the platform. It will allow users to create longer, more thematic TikTok content and boost their overall presence and engagement with their clips.

The new feature will offer more creative freedom to brands, as they will be able to post product tutorials or explainers. No doubt, users will create engaging new content, perhaps taking a cliff-hanger approach or sequential style.

The feature will elevate users’ content and help keep their content exciting, fresh, and unique. They might even target an audience they thought they never could.

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