TikTok Launches New ‘Wellness Hub’

Discover Wellness Tips and Recourses In This Safe Digital SpaceĀ 

TikTok has just launched what it describes as “your source for feel good content” – a dedicated ‘Wellness Hub’ containing resources and guidance on how to nurture your body and mind.

In doing so, TikTok has created a virtual space exclusively for restorative and wholesome content, void of any of the toxic videos that tend to circulate on the video sharing app.


The recourses cover 4 different categories:

  • Food and nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Life advice
  • Mindfulness

Within each category, you can find specialised guides and advice, connect with creators committed to mental and physical health, as well as get insights from TikTok’s brand partners, such as REAL, Nike and Headspace.

In the difficult current climate, it vital that users can access reliable and professional information on the platforms they browse so frequently.

This ‘Wellness Hub’ is TikTok’s most recent effort to foster a more positive online environment, adding to the host of other wellness-focused resources now available in the app.

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