TikTok and Universal Music Group Sign Global Licensing Deal

TikTok Strengthens its Ties to the Music Industry

TikTok recently announced its new deal with Universal Music Group (UMG), giving TikTok users access to a wider selection of licensed music.

TikTok is already an explosive force in the music industry. Specifically, the app is a powerhouse for music promotion – one viral TikTok can give impetus to a surge in sales of the ‘Sound’ featured. Since its launch, the app has pushed sales of chart music, unearthed old classics and popularised songs by fresh, independent talent.

And now, TikTok’s new agreement with UMG will weld the app and the music scene together even tighter.

TikTok commented, “With this agreement, which covers recorded music from artists at UMG’s labels and songwriters with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), TikTok users will be more empowered than ever to express themselves through music, soundtrack their video creations with songs about which they are passionate and build communities around artists and music-centred culture.”

“TikTok users will now be able to incorporate clips from UMG’s full catalog of music, spanning the company’s iconic labels, songwriters and global territories.”

[Image Creds: TikTok]

This deal is big for TikTok, as UMG’s catalog contains a host of highly acclaimed artists – Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, to name a few.

It’s not that songs by these artists haven’t been available in the app until now, as they have been for some time. However, the agreement formalises the partnership, meaning creators can pick and choose audio clips, without any fear of copyright infringement.

The terms and conditions for brands, however, differ to those of the the everyday user. In order to circumvent any unwanted association, brands are pointed towards the app’s licensed ‘Commercial Music Library’ for their clips. If brands do wish to use licensed music, it is down to them to liaise and form agreements with artists.

[Image Creds: Engadget]

TikTok announced that one benefit of this partnership is that “the companies have additionally pledged to experiment with exciting new features.”

It’s a win-win situation – music publishers can maximise revenue share and seek new opportunities through TikTok, whilst TikTok gains access to licensed music and these mysterious, ‘exciting’ new features.

As TikTok grows its network in the music industry, its standing as a go-to platform for music promotion is continuously bolstered.

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