TikTok and e-Commerce: Launch of New Seller University

TikTok Educates Creators on Selling Products in the App

TikTok is constantly working on providing more in-app monetisation options, meaning big cash for Charlie D’Amelio and the host of other high-flying TikTok creators.

However, TikTok’s newest money-driven development is an education portal called ‘TikTok Shop: Seller University,’ giving all budding entrepreneurs the chance to be successful through the app.

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TikTok describes the new education platform as “a training hub to help you do business on TikTok. We offer a full suite of lessons on seller tools, policies and the latest updates to the shop. Start to learn and sell big!”

There are two ways to sell products:

  1. You can sell products on your own, meaning you create content to promote your own products.
  2. You can sell through TikTok Affiliate, where you can set promotion plans and invite TikTok creators to sell for you with certain commission fees.

If you decide to sell through your personal page, you can then “display products via live-streaming or short videos, with product anchors embedded in your content. When customers view your content, they can be re-directed to the corresponding product detail page by clicking on the product anchor.”

Those who sign up to the programme will also get the option to showcase their products on a second tab of their profile page.

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If you, instead, sell through TikTok Affiliate, “you can upload your products to the Seller Centre, set your promotion plans, and collaborate with TikTok influencers to promote your products.”

This is not the first step that TikTok has taken towards maximising its e-commerce potential. Last year, TikTok introduced its ‘TikTok For Business’ platform, partnered with Shopify to create shoppable videos and tested purchasable product experiences with retailers, such as Walmart.

Shifting towards e-Commerce is arguably vital for TikTok’s development – the app must foster an eco-system that is lucrative for creators, otherwise they could easily migrate across to other platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram.

The function is currently being tested in Indonesia, but might get rolled out to the rest of the world soon. To find out how to get involved, check out the ‘TikTok Shop: Seller University’ guide.

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