TikTok Allows Users to Skip Videos Containing Seizure Triggers 

TikTok Launches “Skip All” Feature

TikTok is launching a new feature designed for users with photosensitive epilepsy, allowing them to skip content that might trigger seizures.

A few months ago, TikTok began automatically warning of videos containing effects, like flashing lights and certain patterns, that could be harmful to users with epilepsy. The new “Skip all” feature enhances this warning to make the app even safer. The video shows a “Photosensitive Warning” pop-up, giving you the option to “Watch Video” or “Skip all.” If you choose the latter, TikTok not only skips that particular video for you, but also alters your algorithm so that you won’t confront similar visuals in future.

(Image Creds: TechCrunch)

TikTok explained their decision to launch this feature:

“Over the past few months, our team met with epilepsy advocates who shared feedback on how we can improve our platform. Based on these conversations, we launched a feature a few months ago that warns creators when they produce videos with effects that could trigger photosensitive epilepsy. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing another important accessibility feature to protect people from photosensitive content.”

In a statement published with TikTok’s announcement, Nicola Swanborough, the Epilepsy Society’s acting head of external affairs, stated:

“social media can be a lifeline for many people with epilepsy, allowing them to connect with others with the condition from around the world,” and that the organization hopes “other platforms will follow TikTok’s lead in ensuring greater inclusivity.”

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