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The Social Short: Week 8

Instagram honours #BlackHistoryMonth with #ShareBlackStories and New Creative Tools on Stories

Instagram has launched #ShareBlackStories series on their official page for #BlackHistoryMonth to honour the Black community on its platform. Throughout this month, Instagram will be featuring a range of stories from the Black community and short films produced by Black artists on IGTV.

They are also encouraging Instagram users to get involved by getting them to use new creative tools such as camera effects, stickers and custom templates available on Stories. Instagram explains that “camera effects inspired by the rich cultural history of telling stories through African mud cloth patterns”, and “touch on themes of family, bravery and good fortune.”



Twitter Updates Search Icon and Profile Preview

Twi minor updates have been made on Twitter to improve user experience.

First, Twitter replaced the Explore tab’s magnifying glass with the hashtag to avoid confusion. This will make the user experience clear.

Secondly, Twitter is testing out an easier way for iOS users to check out profiles without having to leave their timeline. Users can tap on any handle where a mini condensed profile will pop up. It will detail the user’s joining date, follower count and bio. This will make user experience more smooth when scrolling.

Twitter’s New Camera Feature

A new enhanced camera feature is now in the making over at Twitter! Users can swipe left from the home screen to access the camera, where they can overlay captions on photos, videos and Live broadcasts.

Twitter’s intention with this feature is to encourage more visual sharing and visual content on the feed; whether its more selfies, reaction shots or just the happenings around the world. This will make sharing live content more engaging to look at.