The Social Short: Week 7

IGTV Promotions on the main feed


Since the launch of IGTV, Instagram has been consistently promoting the format on the platform to encourage further use. This can be seen across Instagram in examples such as putting video previews on the Explore tab, pushing banner notifications for new videos and allowing users to share IGTV previews to their own stories.

To add to this, they have now moved the promotion onto the main timeline. So, whenever someone you follow posts an IGTV, a snippet of the video will appear on your main feed. From there, you can either preview it and move on, or tap on the screen to be redirected where you can watch the full video.

This means that Instagram is betting heavily on IGTV’s success and it’s important to not forget format when posting up longer form content.

Condensed: Preview IGTV videos in your feed.


No regrets. You can now unsend messages on Facebook


The ‘unsend’ feature has finally made its way on Facebook’s messenger app. This feature will be no stranger to those who use Whatsapp. It will allow users to retrieve their messages up to ten minutes after sending it, for both individual and group chats.

The tool can help retract typos, messages sent to the wrong person and other errors, if they are caught in time.

Here is how you can unsend a message on Facebook:

  1. Tap and hold the message
  2. An options tab will appear at the bottom of the screen with options to either copy, remove or forward.
  3. Tap ‘remove’ then ‘remove for everyone’

An important thing to keep in mind is that ‘unsend’ doesn’t always mean ‘unseen’.

Condensed: You can now unsend messages on Facebook.


Facebook adds new Group features


Facebook’s recent Community Summit unveiled a range of new features and expanded the rollout of some tools in testing that are meant to help Group and Page admins better engage their members.

Here’s what’s new:

  1. Post Formatting – Admins can make their announcements more eye-catching by styling their text with headers, backquotes and lists.  
  2. Brand Collaboration – Enable associated Groups to offer relevant deals and/or partner with professionals for more specific industry insight and assistance.
  3. Improved Group communications — Enable Group admins to provide members with additional information on rule violation and why their posts are not being shared along with updated tools for muting members.
  4. Expansion of mentorship and subscriptions — Mentorship feature is available to people 18 and older in select Groups that focus on topics such as parenting, professional development and personal development, with plans to add categories in the coming months. Members of Groups can then sign up to be mentors or mentees, with admins pairing them up. They use Groups to build and foster supportive communities around topics that matter to them.  

Condensed: Facebook adds and enhances new Group features


Facebook scraps its Meme-dedicated video feed: LOL

Just a month ago, Facebook had plans to launch a new video feed dedicated to just Memes. It aimed to attract younger users. After just one month of testing, Facebook decided to pull the plug as test users described LOL as “cringe-y” and “overly awkward”


Condensed: Facebook will no longer launch LOL — Meme video feed