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The Social Short: Week 50

Facebook launches inspiration section for businesses

Facebook is to add a new section showing best-in-class creative examples of ad materials, helping businesses tell the story of their brand.

The section will show the top performing ads on a monthly basis, broken down into different categories.

Facebook will also provide guidelines and resources to help businesses create stronger ads to attract customers.


Google to shut down Allo

After shutting down Google+ earlier this year, Google will now also close social messaging platform, Allo.

Not having achieved the desired user base, the platform will continue to work until 2019, but users will have to migrate their chat history after this.


Facebook tests comment quality

To boost engagement, Facebook is trying to filter out low-quality comments that discourage further interaction.

To do this, Facebook will be giving users the option to up/down vote comments based on quality. Some users have reported seeing quick surveys attached to provide feedback, though the feature is not yet fully released.


Facebook to introduce Group Stories globally

Facebook is set to release Group Stories globally, which will allow anyone to collaborate and comment.

Group members will be able to contribute by tapping the Group Story at the top of the News Feed. Once Stories have been created, members can also use emoji reactions to engage.

Group admins will be able to approve or delete stories from group members before they are shared.  


Facebook to add paywall updates for its subscription tools

Facebook is cutting the development time of the subscriptions tool implementation from 4-8 weeks to 1-2 weeks.

Facebook will add third party paywall providers to make it easier for publishers to implement paywalls, having tested with a small group.

They will also add compatibility for a publisher registration wall where users can continue reading if they provide their email address.