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The Social Short: Week 48

Twitter to de-emphasise total follower count

Spearheaded by CEO Jack Dorsey’s move to prioritize ‘meaningful conversations’, follower counts now appear in a smaller font size on user profiles. These changes were also accompanied by subtle differences to the typing and spacing sizes on the platform.

The hope is that de-emphasising follower counts can reduce the quantity of polarising content, helping to create a more inclusive and less divided platform.

Snapchat to release new Spectacles

Snapchat is planning to release a new version of Spectacles, this time with a stronger frame and notably two cameras.

The new version will reportedly cost around $350, which is more than twice the price of the original Spectacles, aimed at gauging demand and reducing losses that were incurred on the first Spectacles.

The Spectacles might make a venture into huge Chinese social channel WeChat, since its owner Tencent is an investor in Snapchat. Watch this space for the latest updates.

Instagram makes tweaks to personal and business users

Instagram has tested changes to profile layouts on its platform. User images are being shifted to the right while the follower/following count has been moved to the bottom and reduced in size.

Users now have the option to ‘Message’ as a new CTA in addition to ‘Follow’. Another new feature, is the introduction of a mutual follows page, allowing users to see more clearly links to their network.

Business Profiles now have a wide range of options including new buttons to Call and Start Order. Instagram are currently taking the approach to A/B test these new updates in the live environment.

Google launches new social post options

Google is to launch new post styles, to help small businesses stand out. The main focus is customer reviews, being seasonally themed to help retailers and businesses with the festive season.

There are options for businesses to download and use pre-set ads or to customise as they wish.

The posts can be shared on social media, as posts on your business profile and can even be seen by people using Maps and Search.

YouTube to test new ad options

Following internal research on user trends looking at abandoning content, YouTube is to experiment with giving users the choice of how ads are shown.

Users can now choose to watch two ads before the content is played to have fewer interruptions later on.

As user viewing becomes more self-directed, YouTube has added TrueView video discovery ads to give advertisers more accurate and targeted placements for their content.