The Social Short: Week 45

TikTok Continues To Focus On Its Advertiser Offering

Following an explosive growth of its user base throughout 2018 (remember those inescapable YouTube ads?), TikTok is about to further increase it’s attractiveness to advertisers. The platform is looking to roll out a cost-per-click model and what they call an “optimised CPC”. These tools will allow advertisers to get insights into audience size and engagement, as well as measurements of branded effects and in-feed videos. 


Facebook Is Working On A facial Recognition System

We can’t shake off the feeling that some elements of 1984 are coming to life. The social media giant will require users to confirm their identities via a selfie video, responding to prompts to look in different directions. This has put the user base on edge, as despite Facebook’s claims about providing additional security, users aren’t happy to give away their data.


YouTube Introduces Shopping Ads To Home Feed And Search Results

You may have seen this new type of ads on the platform recently – YouTube is now rolling out shopping ads that will appear on the home feed and search results. The update comes in time for Black Friday and Christmas shopping. Next time you search for, say, a product review video, a shopping carousel will appear with relevant products based on what you’ve searched. This also allows advertisers to move beyond pre- and mid-roll ads.


Instagram Stalking Apps Are Appearing Following The Removal Of Follower Activity Tab

We have seen new apps such as Patrol which allow you to see other people’s activity (including who they follow and the content they engage with) on the platform. In the case of Patrol, the app works on a subscription model for $2.99 a week. The controversial app has allegedly received a cease and desist order from Instagram.