Spice Up Your Chat: WhatsApp Rolls Out New Update

Fun Wallpapers and Stickers Coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been rolling out its new update, which will bring with a host of new features including “beautiful new wallpapers” and an improved search feature for stickers.

Not only will there be an updated wallpaper gallery, but the possibility to add custom wallpapers to chats. That means embellishing each conversation with a friend or family with a personalised backdrop.

You will also be able to set a separate wallpaper in dark mode. And, the ‘classic doodle’ wallpaper, which has been the default for your WhatsApp chats, will now come in more colours, such as purple, red, orange and blue.

[Image Creds: Google]

The update will also mean an improved search feature for stickers, as well as a new animated sticker pack. WhatsApp announced that, to enhance the discoverability of stickers, sticker app creators will link stickers to emojis and text. This development means that WhatsApp users will be able to search and find stickers via specific word or emoji links. With more stickers available and all stickers more easily accessible, it is likely that a broader range of users will give them a whirl.

In order to make use of these features, you can download the latest version of the application from your app store. Go ahead and do so to spice up your WhatsApp Chats!

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