The Social Short: Week 51

Facebook Introduces Course That Will Teach Newsrooms To Spot Manipulated Media

Social Media is certainly not devoid of irony.

With the upcoming 2020 US presidential election and the surge of deep fake videos, “Facebook is spending six figures to fund a course on manipulated media… The course material has been developed by Reuters, and Facebook is funding its international expansion as a part of the Facebook Journalism Project.”  While some uses of deep fake may appear entertaining on the surface level, the technology may pose a risk of enabling mass misinformation when falling into the wrong hands.




Snapchat Launches Interactive Ads

Snapchat has unveiled a new “trailer reaction lens” in line with the release of Top Gun: Maverick. The lens splits your screen with the trailer appearing at the top and a filter applied to your face at the bottom, allowing you to record your reaction to the trailer in real-time. We expect to see more examples of this in 2020, moving beyond film trailers.



New Instagram Stories Layout Is Officially Here!

Following the initial tests in August, the platform has widely rolled out a new way to capture and share in Stories. This feature allows users to share up to six photos within one Story Frame, organised in various grid styles. Strike a pose. And another pose. And then another.

It’s a new, creative way for users to express themselves.



YouTube’s Top-Earning Creator Second Year In A Row Is An Eight-Year-Old Toy Reviewer.

162 million dollars. That’s how much the top 10 YouTubers have earned this year and at the top of the list is an eight-year-old creator; Ryan’s World, whose channel focuses on toy reviews and has over 22 million subscribers. The only brit on the list is a FortNite player, Dan TDM, who dropped from fourth to ninth with his earnings falling $6.5m year-on-year.