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The Social Short 2020: Week 17

Instagram Is Testing A New ‘DM Me’ Sticker

Instagram According to reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is working on a new ‘DM Me’ sticker for Stories.

While it is understandable for Instagram to want to facilitate more messaging capabilities given the current climate, this new update could also be regarded as problematic. However, we suppose the question to pose here is; would it be useful?

From a brand perspective, yes, as it could be a way for potential consumers to get in touch. As for day to day use, we’re not so sure.

Whether this will actually see the light of day is still to be determined. Then again, it’s not all that different from previous updates like the ‘Join Chat’ sticker that was added to Stories last July.


(Image creds: Jane Manchun Wong via Twitter)


Apple News Hits 125 Million Monthly Active Users

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced this Thursday on an earnings call that Apple News had hit an all-time high, reaching 125 million monthly active users.

It seems that during this pandemic more and more people want to be kept informed.

Apple also launched a paid version of Apple News last year, offering users access to paywalled news sites and magazines for $9.99 per month. Though the company has not revealed any numbers on that element of the platform.


TikTok Adds New ‘Adjust Clips’ Feature

TikTok fans rejoice! The video editing app has just added a new ‘adjust clips’ feature that will enable more editing capacity. As explained by TikTok:

“Do you find it difficult to get your shot in one fluid take? We’ve made it simple for you. Adjust clips allows users to take different video clips and move them around to determine the desired sequencing of the video. Adjust clips allows users to have fun with easily splicing and ordering their video clips and play around with the order to tell your unique story.” 

Click here to see the new feature in use, now available in the latest version of the app.

(Image creds: TikTok)


LinkedIn Adds New Features To Improve Digital Recruitment

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, LinkedIn is adding new video intro and interview assessment tools to help with digital recruitment. As we all continue to isolate, more and more job interviews are taking place digitally – making these new measures incredibly helpful for both the recruiter and the candidates.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“With video intro, once you receive applications for a job posting, you can invite the most qualified candidates to answer up to two questions from a list of options that include questions, such as “Tell me about yourself,” “What is your greatest strength?,” and “Describe your most challenging project.” Candidates can choose to submit their answers via quick video recording or written response.”



(Image creds: LinkedIn)

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