The Social Short 2020: Week 16

Social Media Usage Is Not Uniform Between Generations

 With technology continuously growing and changing, it is no surprise that different generations have different social media preferences. A recent study surveyed 1000 consumers and 500 businesses and found that 75% of millennials’ purchases are influenced by social media (Animoto).

Millennials refers to a generation of people who grew up with very constant access to the internet, however, this is not the case with previous generations. After considering this, there was a question of what platforms target which audience the best.

The key finds of this research proved 3 major points:

Gen Z prefers Instagram, Baby Boomers prefer YouTube and Facebook Feed, and Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennials all look to YouTube to aid decision making on purchases.



Instagram Adapts Quickly

 Instagram has shown its ability to quickly adapt to current times, with the implementation of new features that have only been in testing for one month.

When retailers and restaurants were forced to close for safety precautions, many companies turned to selling gift cards for the future, or the option to order online. Being that these were not the typical business models before, many businesses turned to eCommerce tools for help.

In an attempt to support businesses and continue generating revenue, Instagram quickly tested and released ‘gift card’, ‘order’, and ‘fundraising’ tools, directly through the app.

These options appear on the profiles of businesses (where applicable), which allows customers to continue offering their support to their favorite restaurants and brands, which may or may not be operating at the moment.

It is hoped that these efforts will help to decrease the impact felt by businesses during this time. If you’d like to know more, head over to SocialMediaToday.



(Image creds: SocialMediaToday)


Pinterest Finding Their Claim To Fame

Since everyone is stuck at home, there’s no better way to pass the time than browsing Pinterest…right?

Pinterest has seen increased usage throughout lockdown, with historically high numbers of users. This makes sense, as Pinterest is a platform that offers information on virtually every topic, and is easy to browse and save from.

So what have people been inspired by the most?

The top searches range in categories from wellness and working out, parenting and homeschooling, recipes, entertainment, hobbies, and more. It is safe to say that now’s the time to download Pinterest, especially if you are looking for a new hobby, TV/Movie guide, workout routine, or other ways to stay occupied.

For more news on Pinterest, head over to their newsroom here ​



(Image creds: Pinterest)


TikTok Bringing Back The Classic ‘Parental Controls’

If you are a millennial, you remember a time when your parents locked your favorite apps or websites with some form of ‘parental controls’ for protective measures. If you’re not a millennial, you were implementing the ‘parental controls’.

It seems like ages since we’ve heard that term…until now.

TikTok has recently come out with a function called ‘Family Pairing’, which operates the same way that parental controls did. Basically, it allows parents to manage their children’s content viewing and time spent on the app.

This feature was created mainly for the safety aspect, though it boasts other potential benefits like time management. It seems fairly easy, with the only instruction being that parents will be able to link their kids’ accounts to their own. Once this is done, parents can set restrictions on their children’s content and direct messaging capabilities.

As technology capabilities expand, it is important that safety precautions expand with it. Good job, TikTok. If you’d like to know more, head over to TechCrunch.



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