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The Social Short 2020: Week 1

Top Instagram Stats And Trends For 2020

Instagram is set to continue transforming in 2020, both as an e-commerce platform and a long-form video platform. We can, therefore, expect a continued focus on conversion through influencer marketing. But how will it compete with other platforms such as TikTok?

For 2020 stats, take a look at Hootsuite’s infographic below;



As for 2020 marketing trends, we’re breaking them down as per Later. 

Hidden likes will create a visual shift in content. Posts will likely be moving away from carefully curated imagery towards more relatable and less-produced content. With the introduction of Stories, Instagram users are currently saving only their “best” content for the feed, in an effort to keep their engagement rate high across all of their feed posts. In fact, influencers are expected to be posting only 2 times a week. However, by removing likes, post frequency may increase, as people may feel less pressured to post the ‘perfect’ shot and more inclined to post relatable content. Essentially; less time editing and more time creating content and integrating video into everything.

Instagram will continue to evolve into an influencer marketing & e-commerce platform, with the introduction of Instagram Checkout and Shopping, which will likely be rolled out to more brands if not all in 2020. The question though is whether this shift to more ‘relatable’ content will lead to everyone becoming an influencer. “Word of mouth” is shifting over to Instagram, where it is more and more common for people, no matter their following, to share affiliate links for their go-to products.

As per TikTok, we can expect it to have a big influence on the type of content that is being shared, specifically on Stories.TikTok content is incredibly real, unfiltered, and focused on the content instead of the aesthetic. In fact, at the end of 2019, Instagram launched Reels in Brazil, a direct competitor to TikTok. 

Lastly, another trend that will continue throughout 2020 is Augmented Reality, which we can only imagine will reach new heights this year, notably in stories. 


Snapchat to Launch Bitmoji TV 

Arguably Snapchat’s most popular feature, Bitmoji will be under the spotlight this 2020. Starting February, Snapchat will roll out, globally, in-house shows for its Discover section, giving users the option to make their customisable Bitmoji avatar the star of a full-motion cartoon series called Bitmoji TV. 

This is a huge evolution for Bitmoji and we are excited to see how this will impact the platform’s engagement. Stay tuned!



What California’s New Privacy Law Means

California’s new privacy law officially took effect this Wednesday on the 1st of January. This comes a year and a half after it was signed and passed, but what does it actually mean?

In simple terms, The California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, is a new state-level law that requires companies to notify users of the intent to monetise their data, while also providing means to opt-out of said monetisation.

California residents will, therefore, be able to stop companies from selling their data. This has been a much-debated law as it is the first big internet privacy law, giving power back to the consumers.



Facebook to Run Its First Super Bowl Ad In 2020 to Reinforce Societal Benefits

In the wake of various privacy scandals, Facebook is setting out new ways to regain public trust. In said efforts, the social network will be running its first Super Bowl ad, which will focus specifically on the connective benefits of Facebook Groups.

The ad will be part of Facebook’s ‘More Together’ campaign, which was first launched in May of 2019. Facebook is focusing more and more on its on-platform communities with this ad push. Watch an example here.

Facebook has since also changed its mission statement from “Making the world more open and connected” to “Bring the world closer together.” 

We’re excited to see this new ad and what Facebook will bring to the table in 2020.