New 3D Body Scan Lens on Snapchat

In Time For Halloween Snapchat Launches 3D Body Scan Lenses

Snapchat has just launched 3D body scan lenses, right in time for halloween! Snapchat has built upon their body tracking technology, where you are able to move and adjust based on how you move on screen. 

The new lenses respond to your movement on the screen, characters and costumes can thus align with your movements. According to Snapchat, this is the first of its kind, available to work on both front and rear cameras.



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Snapchat is giving users the chance to participate in Halloween with their new range of lenses in time for the spooky season. They’ve arranged a variety of digital costumes available for users. 

The new lens is also available to use for ads, the new option can lead to a lot of fun new brand tie-ins and opportunities. 

This is just a start for Snapchat, we look forward to seeing how this technology develops.

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