Reel Content Options Expand

Meta Adds More Reel Content Options On Instagram And Facebook

Today, social media is fixated on the short-form video trend, since the rise of TikTok and the success of Instagram Reels over the last couple of years. Meta shared their findings during its Q1 2022 earnings and discovered that Reels, or its short-form video features, make up more than 20% of the time people spend on Instagram.


[Creds: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch]

Meta has decided to add new ways to remix users’ content into Reels on Instagram. This will add the capacity to create Reels from users’ existing videos within Creator Studio (which can be found on Facebook).

“Remix for Photos” is an option that will come up when the user is about to post static images in the app. The option will enable users to create Reels based on their current feed post content and even have the option to download their content within their clips. Therefore, people can re-use their content and also switch this option off if they wanted to, granting them power over Reels creation.


[Creds: @LindseyGamble_]

This update will help gain more reaction to Reel content and increase the participatory nature within the app, enabling users to provide their creativity, remix any video and discover new inspiration for Reel content.

Similarly, Meta has decided to update Facebook and try to catch the app up with the shorter-form video trend. Facebook users can now use Creator Studio to remix existing videos into shorter clips such as Reels.

The process guides you through editing and creating Reels and story clips using the best parts of existing video uploads already in the user’s profile.

These new updates will help largely brands, as they merge toward Reels content and start using the broader trends to target their marketing and their audience. Additionally, these new plans to create Facebook into more of a trend-worthy app is a priority for Meta, especially since short videos are transforming the trend on social media and if Facebook does not evolve with the trends, it will quickly lose its relevance and user engagement.

People are spending more time on TikTok than on Facebook today, due to their rapid scroll clips which have altered the attention spans of social media users and how they consume content, thus it is very important for social media to always update on the trends, and will be interesting to see if Meta will use the opportunity to monetise Reels in the future.

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