The Most Recent Instagram Trends To Stay Current

Let’s Get Current

Social media trends are ever-changing, and it can be tricky to keep up! Here are a few of the most popular current trends on Instagram that will help you get clear, get current, and get posting.

Low Exposure

The trend towards a “natural” or “unedited” type of feed, is not new. The rise of minimalistic content has been a consistent trend in 2022. However, the emphasis on low-exposure photos has recently come into the spotlight. Lifestyle influencers and notable celebrities are going dark with their content while maintaining a natural look.

Credit: Instagram, @emmamacdonald

This trend goes hand-in-hand with the “photo dump” trend, in which people post unedited pictures they’ve compiled in their photo album. The theme of sharing organic and authentic content continues.

Interaction on Stories

The ‘Questions’ sticker was released in 2018 as a way to ask your followers questions, and hear their answers. However, people have begun to use it in the exact opposite way – accounts use the ‘Questions’ sticker to let their followers ask them questions, and answer them on their Stories.

Credit: Instagram, @taychayy

This is a direct and organic way to interact with followers, and it shows the user cares about not only hearing their followers’ questions, but taking the time to answer them with a Story to all their followers.

The Link Sticker

This is a way to promote products/services via the ‘Link’ sticker, which sends followers directly to the web page. As of recently, influencers have used this to drive user engagement. Followers now have the ability to quickly shop influencers’ favorite items at their convenience.

Credit: Instagram, @sophmosca

Reels continue to increase in popularity

Reels were introduced by Instagram in 2020, and have quickly become one of the most popular features on the platform. They are short, fun videos that are easy to consume and can be easily shared. These bite-sized videos are a recipe for success, with their increased popularity and ability to go viral.

Credit: Instagram, @patriciaberenzon

Overall, these trends have resulted in more engaging content, and provided new tools and looks for users. There is a focus on user generated content with that is anchored in an organic look.

Here are some of the latest updates:

  • The usage of text overlay on Reels has recently increased in prevalence, which can be used to: provide information, communicate an important message, add to the aesthetic.
  • There has been a shift towards shorter-form videos, (we are talking .3 seconds), that are compiled and create a quick, cinematic experience. The entire video is shown in less than 3 seconds, but contains 10-20 video shots.


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