Question Time: TikTok Enables New Q&A Feature

Ask Your Favourite TikTokers Questions with this New Feature!

TikTok has recently enabled a Q&A feature, allowing users to get the scoop on the most revered and influential creators on the app.

Q&As are a hit across on all platforms – they’re interactive, connect creators with their fans, and give users a chance to prise out information from their best-loved social media stars. It is, therefore, unsurprising that TikTok has facilitated this question-answer exchange with its savvy new feature.

Here’s how it works:

Creators can add a Q&A button to their profile, allowing users to leave them questions. The creators can view these questions in a designated Q&A section and answer them via video replies, or in a livestream.

[Image Creds: Twitter – @MattNavarra]

The TikTok Q&A button will appear in a video’s comments section. The button enables viewers or followers of a creator to ask a question:

[Image Creds: Twitter – @MattNavarra]

To clarify, here’s what TikTok’s Q&A feature looks like when you’re asking a question, and what the TikTok creator sees once a question has been asked:

[Image Creds: Twitter – @MattNavarra]

So now that you know, go and get asking!

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