Protecting and Supporting Creators and Brands Online

Different Influences are Causing Shifts Not Only In How Creators can Use the Platforms Available, But Also How Businesses can Utilise Them Whilst Staying Safe

Despite current beliefs, brands face many difficulties in ensuring their content appears in the correct place. Only recently have different safety measures have been introduced for marketers for ad placements, especially in regards to brand partnerships. With this being the case, many social media platforms will want to ensure all of the relevant stakeholders on the platforms are safe, so as to avoid inherent backlash.


This can currently be seen in efforts made by Meta, who are currently taking steps to make sure the ads placed on their platforms by marketers are where they are intended to be. Working with Zefr, aimed at helping brands avoid placement next to harmful content, Meta should be taking steps to avoid further backlash than they already face.


[Creds: Routers]

Meta expects this feature to be implemented on a smaller scale towards the latter half of 2022, with a wider rollout towards 2023. However this rollout occurs, the implementation needs to be effective in order to fully support brands.


These changes come at an opportune time in terms of avoiding concerns for brand safety, as well as coinciding with an increasing potential to invest in the creator economy. With other platforms providing increasing incentives to both marketers and creators, the organisations hosting them will want to make them feel safe.

[Creds: Kajabi]

Take Twitch for example, who have recently announced a new advertising scheme to allow creators to opt in and opt out. Within this, only a handful of creators are allowed to participate, and are also subject to immediately accepting the conditions of the program. With these options in place, this adds a sense of security in terms of where ads go, as well as where they are placed. On the flipside, creators are also protected as they can leave the program should they be unhappy with how they are being used.


Tools like these being implemented are important due to the rapid increase in how brands are engaging with marketing through content creation. Given the recent 66% increase in using these types of campaigns, platforms introducing such measures should allow for a greater sense of safety. As such, the communication and engagement with all relevant stakeholders should enable this to continue in a safe, and profitable format.

[Creds: Kinsta]

The tools being implemented in allowing brands to opt in and out of campaigns are a step in the right direction; with the added measure of tools allowing businesses to avoid tarnishing the brand next to inappropriate content, all stakeholders should be satisfied with the outcomes. There is the risk these tools may not be fully implemented correctly from the get-go, but continued refinement could help smooth these issues out.

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