My Christmas Trails

Our Brief

My Christmas Trails is one of the most important events for Raymond Gubbay, a leading promoter and producer of classical shows and concerts. The festive illuminated trails light up popular outdoor venues during the Christmas season each year, both in the UK and abroad. With the events taking place in December 2020, as the COVID-19 Pandemic was nearing its peak, these outdoor events were some of the only permitted ‘ticketed’ activities under government regulation. With this in mind, we took a unique approach to our paid social campaign strategy for the 2020 event season including a high-level of reactivity and amplification of the unique benefits this event offered the public during a difficult period.


Reactivity: We had to be extremely reactive to any government updates and changes in regulations in the various event areas.

Geographic Targeting: When the tier system was introduced, we were careful to ensure that the areas surrounding the events that we targeted were within the zones, particularly when tiers differentiated from town to town.

Sentiment: Ensuring that our messaging was effective at reassuring our customers that the events were safe and carefully following guidelines set out by the government.

Our Response

Awareness phase: We launched the campaign in June 2020 with an awareness phase to generate a high level of awareness towards the events. This timescale allowed us time to define our core audience and the groups most inclined to purchase tickets.

Interest phase: Following the awareness phase, we began announcing the release of tickets for each venue, by strategically combining objectives to ensure that we’d be able to identify the hottest leads later in the campaign.

Sales phase: The sales phase began in September 2020, where we utilised our findings from the first two phases of activity to narrow our audience segmentation and focus on the most motivated groups. In this phase, we strategically positioned bursts of paid activity in high-impact sales periods and times when the events would be most buzzworthy. Our strategy was to be hyper-reactive during this period, as we worked alongside the government updates to ensure that our regional targeting took into account the latest guidelines.







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