Lion: Social Campaign

Client: Entertainment Film Distributors


How do you create a buzz around an award-worthy film when it’s positioned in an incredibly crowded and competitive award season, and all of the chatter is about the competition? How do you maximise the paid media budget to decrease CPAs and increase video views, view rates and clicks to purchase tickets.


Focus on the emotive nature of the film and constantly adapt the social strategy. We harnessed the strong messages the viewers were sharing and evolved the strategy to continually sustain and amplify this buzz.

Initially, we created video content that highlighted the obvious star power of the film and created intrigue around the inspirational true story. Interestingly, as the online conversations grew, we clearly saw that the young star, Sunny Pawar, was the one capturing the public’s hearts. We shifted gears, and harnessed the exceptional amount of attention he was receiving with further content focused on him, and engagement grew.

We coupled our content approach with a strategically targeted, multi-audience paid media activation, A/B testing creatives against audiences in order to optimise the best-performing ads and ad sets.


The overall success of the campaign resulted in a prolonged 2-month cinema run, grossing over £11M at the UK Box Office. Our campaign was subsequently nominated for Online Campaign of the Year at the Screen Awards 2017.