KLM #101ReasonsToTravel


How can we raise awareness of KLM’s key focus destinations across Europe and drive engagement and consideration for KLM in the UK?



  • Give reasons to travel across Europe via compelling content 
  • Bring travel to life focusing on the specific time of the year, inspiring people to consider key destinations
  • Raise awareness of different destinations throughout Europe
  • Drive reach, engagement and traffic via KLM’s UK social media channels
  • Tactical advertising through retargeting to promote booking with KLM


We developed a strategic year-long campaign with influencer advocacy and dynamic, highly engaging content at the heart, fueled by strategic paid media targeting to bring the destinations to life and increase consideration amongst our key target audiences.


Our role in this campaign ranged from a variety of activity from the initial stages:

  • Campaign strategy and planning – a holistic approach incorporating content, paid media, influencers 
  • Complete Influencer support, from initial sourcing and communication, contracts and negotiating, full briefing, and support while travelling
  • Created bespoke campaign assets for each season and destination, utilising Influencer content
  • Strategically promoted each seasonal campaign through organic and paid media content, targeting new audiences within travel and similar interests
  • Drove traffic to KLM’s campaign website, utilising bespoke tactical ads and a comprehensive  retargeting strategy to drive action and deliver results. 



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And, we even won an award!

The Blogosphere Awards celebrates the best of the Influencer Industry, with over 250 attendees with a social following of more than 55 million. Our KLM #101ReasonsToTravel Campaign was nominated for, and won the Blogosphere Award for the 2019 Best Travel Influencer Brand Campaign.