Ofcom’s ‘News Consumption In The UK’ Report 2021

Young People Choose Social Media Over TV To Keep Up With The News

Ofcom recently released its annual news consumption report, revealing that Gen Z and young Millennials (age 16-24) – the first generation of digital natives – are largely using social media as their go-to news source.

[Image Creds: Ofcom]

Whilst TV remains the most popular news source for the UK adult population, 9 in 10 younger individuals (in this 16-24 age bracket) head to the internet – a known breeder of dis/misinformation – to keep up with current affairs.

That makes the younger generations far more likely to treat social media as a news source than those older (36% compared with 14% for the average UK population).

See below some of the report’s other interesting findings:

[Image Creds: Ofcom]

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