NHS Launches COVID-19 App

UK Launches COVID-19 Exposure Notification App

The NHS COVID-19 app has finally been launched across England and Wales after a false start back in May. Northern Ireland and Scotland launched their own official apps earlier this year.

When asked about the reliability of the app’s Bluetooth technology, health secretary Matt Hancock said: “What we know for absolute sure is that the app will not tell you to self isolate because you’ve been in close contact with someone unless you have been in close contact. The accuracy with which it does that is increasing all of the time — and we’ve been working very closely with Apple and with Google who’ve done a great job in working to make this happen and to ensure that accuracy is constantly improved.”

He went on to say that “everybody who downloads the app will be helping to protect themselves, helping to protect their loved ones, helping to protect their community — because the more people who download it the more effective it will be. And it will help to keep us safe.”

“One of the things that we’ve learnt over the course of the pandemic is where people are likely to have close contacts and in fact the app that we’re launching today will help to find more of those close contacts,” he added.

To know more about the app, you can watch the official launch video here.



(Image Creds: NHS)