Instagram Rolls Out Suggested Posts

Instagram Adds ‘Suggested Posts’ To The End Of Your Feed

In 2018 Instagram added ‘You’re All Caught Up’ to the end of your feed in an attempt to discourage mindless scrolling and better mental health by promoting less screen time.

With that in mind, Instagram has now rolled out ‘Suggested Posts’ at the end of one’s feed which, to many, seems counter-intuitive.  

This means that at the end of scrolling through your feed, ads and personalised suggestions from accounts that you don’t follow will be available. This will increase a brand’s chances of being seen, however, it will also undermine the reminder, which will still be visible, that it is time to stop scrolling or that, ‘You’re All Caught Up’. With the rise of TikTok and its use of algorithms, it is plain to see that Instagram is jumping on this hype too.


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