The Weeknd to Perform ‘After Hours’ Virtual Concert on TikTok

The Weeknd Will Perform In A Virtual TikTok Concert on August 7th

The Weeknd virtual-concert Live stream will premiere exclusively on the @tiktok account next Friday, Aug 7th at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT. If you can’t watch then, worry not, as there are already several repeat showings scheduled.

The event, which will be TikTok’s first-ever AR experience, will employ 3D renderings and picture-in-picture video to create the immersive live stream. Meaning that rather than appearing in person like in a normal TikTok video, or as he has done in previous live-streamed events, The Weeknd will be replaced by a digital avatar in what TikTok has promised will be an interactive and immersive ‘cross reality experience’.

As explained by TikTok:

“In partnership with XO, Republic Records, and Wave, we’re bringing you The Weeknd Experience, the very first virtual experience of one of the biggest albums of 2020 in After Hours. Through TikTok’s first-of-its-kind virtual musical experience, you’ll be captivated and suspended in space while The Weeknd invites you into the awesome madness of his world, as seen through his own eyes.”

TikTok have also announced that this virtual experience will raise funds for The Equal Justice Initiative. And while they have yet to release more details on how the concert will actually work, if it’s anything like Travis Scott’s Fortnite experience, which had over 12 million people logged on, we can expect nothing but a success.

This announcement comes at a time where TikTok is facing various challenges in the US due to its Chinese roots, as we’ve previously discussed (click here for more).  It would, therefore, make sense for the platform to look into new, innovative event options to boost awareness and usage, to hopefully, further ingratiate the app with its US audience.



(Image Creds: The Verge)