Here’s LinkedIn’s Business Recovery Guide

LinkedIn Publishes Post Covid-19 Business Recovery Guide 

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly all aspects of life thus far. Its consequences extend beyond the spread of the disease itself as well as the various efforts being made to contain it, with many individuals and businesses growing increasingly concerned by the detrimental economic impacts of the virus.

LinkedIn’s latest eBook hopes to qualm some of these worries and help companies take those all-important steps in a post Covid-19 world. The platform’s new twelve-page guide offers advice on setting businesses up for post Covid-19 recovery, focusing primarily on five key areas: Brand Building, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Media Planning, and Message Planning. With insights from a variety of industry experts, companies will be able to access valuable tips on how to move forward within their corporations. All of the advice has been based on past economic recessions, and the guide also analyses key data and figures.

In addition to more general tips and tricks, the platform has also included a clear and concise checklist for how to launch effective LinkedIn campaigns. This strong focus on how LinkedIn’s ad products, specifically, can help businesses is hardly surprising, but these insights are useful for companies’ digital strategies at any time – not solely in a post Covid-19 world.

The overview is brief, but it includes many actionable steps that businesses can take to assess their current situation and maximise future opportunities. It’s definitely worth a look; hopefully, it will help companies map their pathways towards eventual recovery.



(Image creds: LinkedIn)