#LetUsDance Campaign Launches

#LetUsDance: New Campaign Urging The UK Government To Save Nightlife

Fatboy Slim, Thom Yorke, and Massive Attack are just a few of the many leading figures from the UK’s dance music scene to come together today to support the NTIA’s #LetUsDance campaign. A new plea urging the UK government to support the dance music industry and give it the funding it needs to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking of the campaign, Greg Marshall of the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) said:

“Nightclubs and festivals are the beating heart of the UK dance scene; providing collective joy to millions of fans each year, providing employment and incomes for an interdependent network of hundreds of thousands of people, while contributing hundreds of millions to the economy. We call on the government to recognise this sector as a significant part of the nation’s art and culture, and ensure fair & equal access to the support offered to the wider live music sector.”

Here’s how you can help;

 1. Social Media

Post your favourite picture from a recent nightclub, dance festival or event with the hashtag #LetUsDance

2. Letter to Local MP

Available via an automated online system for fans, artists and industry professionals which you can access here.

Since the inception of Influence Digital, we have worked with some of the most revered names in the world of nightlife and therefore wholeheartedly support this campaign. The dance music industry is a vital part of our culture and it should be recognised as such. Now, more than ever, it is an industry that needs our support. We urge everyone to spread the word and join us in sharing this message. We WILL dance again.



(Image creds: Anjunadeep at Printworks, December 2019)