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Facebook Tackles The Sharing Of Old News

Facebook Tackles A Persistent Problem: Users Sharing Old News

In the age of social media, news is more readily available than ever. Information is distributed across all social media platforms, and people can share all kinds of stories – whether they be accurate or not. While this often brings raised awareness to current affairs and enables a vast array of political conversations, there is also the danger of the dissemination of misinformation.

One specific issue within this problem is the sharing of news which was once true but is now no longer applicable. In the interest of combatting this, Facebook has introduced a new feature to warn users before they share content that is more than 90 days old. Users will then have to make the conscious decision of whether they ‘continue,’ or ‘go back.’ Facebook have expressed their hope that this new feature will make the social media platform a more reliable news source and will prevent users from misconstruing the state of current affairs.



(Image creds: Social Media Today)