Instagram Announces New ‘Story Draft’ Feature

Head Of Instagram Adam Mosseri Makes Announcement As Screenshots Of The New Feature Leak Online  

Instagram’s latest new feature will allow users to have the option to save unfinished stories as drafts. The feature permits users to come back to their drafted stories and complete them later. Adam Mosseri stated that this feature is a work in progress, as screenshots of the new feature were leaked online.

The social media platform took to Twitter to confirm the new feature and that they were working on it.

According to Instagram, this feature has been highly requested by users. The feature will allow more flexibility and freedom in utilising Stories. Additionally, it will enable brands to post at the most valuable and relevant times for their audiences.

Shortly after the announcement, tipster Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots of what the feature could look like.

(Image Creds: Alessandro Paluzzi)

From the photos, you can see that the Stories draft format is relatively straight forward. If a user tries to leave whilst creating a story, Instagram will bring up a message that gives the user three options:

  1. The first option, “Discard”, will allow users to discard the current story and start with a fresh one. It will erase all previous edits, where the user will not be able to recover them once they have clicked Discard.
  2. The second option is “Save Draft”; this will allow users to save their creations as a draft. This won’t publish the story but keep it saved as a draft for the user to be able to come back to it later.
  3. The third option is “Cancel”,, making the dialogue box disappear and allow users to continue their story creations. This is a crucial feature as users might have mistakenly pressed the back button whilst working on their story.

This will be extremely helpful as you can take your time to create Stories and post them when you are ready. Presently, Instagram only shows two options – Discard and Cancel. Luckily for users, the new feature will be added soon!

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