LinkedIn’s New Marketing Tools

With a Range of New Features and Additions on the Way, Marketers Will Find it Easier to Engage With Their Target Audiences

As different social platforms grow as a means of marketing, the marketers using them will want to ensure they have proper tools to do so. As such, the features available will need to be optimised, so as to help ensure an effective output of marketing campaigns.


One company currently aiming to do so includes LinkedIn; it was recently announced they are introducing a wide array of new tools, which should help out sellers and marketers. Most notably, LinkedIn Sales Solutions are providing a new set of features and are as follows:


  1. A provision of new insights – these are aimed at helping to develop new leads, and include features such as collapsible filters in the search bar.
  2. At-Risk Opportunities – this is aimed at helping sellers monitor their CRM capabilities across their channels.
  3. A New Homepage – this will allow sellers to monitor their progress overall, as well as get new alerts on how they are progressing.

[Creds: LinkedIn]

Furthermore, LinkedIn is introducing a way to view post analytics. These will enable users to see information pertaining to who visits their profile, as well as where they are coming from. LinkedIn has already acknowledged the importance of knowing how audiences interact with the provided content, and these new tools will enable marketers to see who is most likely to read their content. 


Additionally, LinkedIn is creating a Marketing Partner Community Group, aimed at sharing industry knowledge to facilitate conversations on new updates. This is also meant to be a collaborative effort among professional marketers, so no direct sales or multi-level marketing schemes are allowed on the platform.

[Creds: Zopdealer]

This should help LinkedIn as well, allowing them to take advantage of the revenue streams their platform generated; having earned over one billion dollars in revenue last quarter, it’s no wonder LinkedIn will want to continue to further support those selling on the platform. For marketers, having the option to collaborate with others also provides opportunities to boost their own performance, thereby improving results in the long-run.


All of these new features are incredibly important, as they help marketers and sellers to monitor their performance. If they can’t see how they are performing or support their new tools, they are not incentivised to continue using their platforms. Additionally, this should allow marketers to cross-reference their strategy in terms of intended and actual audience, allowing them to adjust accordingly. Furthermore, providing a collaborative space should also enable better marketing practices, as this will allow for the different marketing trends to become more widespread, and more widely accepted.


With a main aim on promoting collaboration, LinkedIn’s new tools should prove highly useful. Although attractive in theory, marketers will still need to be cautious in how they utilise these tools to their most effective.

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