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International Women’s Day at Influence Digital

Here at Influence Digital, we’re proud to have a strong team including some amazing female talent. In honour of International Women’s Day, we asked them a few of them questions on who inspires them, what advice they have, and what they’re doing to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Who is the most inspiring woman in your life?

Eliot Sayavong, Intern: “My sisters. The oldest is a doctor that is about to attend a fellowship and the middle sister is a chemical engineer. Both are women in industries that have been male dominated in the past and that was always inspiring to see as the youngest sibling.”

Marion Rossignol, Digital Designer: “My Mother.”

Celine Croes, Account Executive: “My Mom: raising angsty kids, a co-CEO and being an overall superwoman and putting her whole heart and energy in everything she does.”

Hannah Penhall, Account Manager: “My Mum”

Laura Colledge, Account Manager: “It sounds cheesy, but I take inspiration from so many different women around me. There’s no formula to being an inspiring woman. You can be equally inspiring through big movements, or from small everyday actions.”

Natalie Clarke, Head of Client Services: “My Grandma was an incredible woman. She really was head of the family; raising five kids, holding down a job as a milliner and being an amazing Grandma to her 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.”

Samantha Ambroise, Junior Account Manager: “Aside from my Mum? Every woman in my life is inspiring for different reasons, but right now I’m all about Michelle Obama.”

Aimee Laurel, Account Manager: “My Mother and pretty much nearly every woman I meet.”

What motivates you?

Eliot Sayavong, Intern: “The endless possibilities! I feel like with the right attitude and passion I can do so many things to make my life as fulfilled as possible.”

Marion Rossignol, Digital Designer: “Learning.”

Celine Croes, Account Executive: “My ‘a-little-bit-hard-to-reach’ ambitions and goals.”

Hannah Penhall, Account Manager: “Success.”

Laura Colledge, Account Manager: “Ideas”

Natalie Clarke, Head of Client Services: “‘What’s next’ motivates me? I find it very hard to sit still and enjoy being out of my comfort zone – it’s more rewarding that way when you nail it!”

Samantha Ambroise, Junior Account Manager: “I’m motivated by my family and the love they share with me every day. Living this far away from home isn’t easy and so I really appreciate knowing that they’re always there for me.”

Aimee Laurel, Account Manager: “Having purpose and not denying that.”

What advice do you have for young women in this industry?

Eliot Sayavong, Intern: “There is a lot more women working within this industry now, actually. So I encourage you to follow whatever your passion is even if there is adversity, because you will always find support along the way.”

Marion Rossignol, Digital Designer: “Hold on tight. It’s not going to be easy but change is a slow process.”

Celine Croes, Account Executive: “As hard as it is try and stand your ground. It can be hard to be a woman in a male focussed industry but it is important to get your point across and show you’re worth. I also find sharing experiences with women and hearing their journey in the industry is very enlightening. You are not alone! Ps. Read Feminist Fight Club”

Hannah Penhall, Account Manager: “Be confident.”

Laura Colledge, Account Manager: “Compared to some industries we have a relatively level playing field, but there are still many ingrained behaviours that favour male progression and authority. Don’t let anyone make you feel that your opinion or experience is less valid as a woman.”

Natalie Clarke, Head of Client Services: “Social media is an ever-evolving industry. Whether you’re male or female, we’re all continuously learning on the job! Attend conferences, read blogs and white-papers. If you have an opinion or an idea, bring it to the table. Be confident – the beauty about social media is that no two campaigns are the same.

Samantha Ambroise, Junior Account Manager: “That no matter how people make you feel about your mistakes, you aren’t saving lives. Take one day at a time and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Always be curious!”

Aimee Laurel, Account Manager: “Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it – be bold, strive for more.”

Which inspiring female should we follow on social?

Eliot Sayavong, Intern: “@karliekloss”

Celine Croes, Account Executive: “@jengotch (very real entrepreneur) I also love @cleowade”

Laura Colledge, Account Manager: “@ginamartinuk on Instagram – activist and writer who campaigned to make upskirting illegal and general inspiring woman.”

Samantha Ambroise, Junior Account Manager: “Someone who I’ve really admired is @lesleyannemurphy. She’s an influencer who had a double mastectomy a couple of years ago and hasn’t let this stop her. Her content is really inspiring and beautiful, and is a reminder that even after experiencing the worst we can fill our lives with beautiful moments.”

Aimee Laurel, Account Manager: “The designer Tessa Forrest behind @subliming.jpg, she is a graphic designer and selects quotes that are meaningful and makes designs with them. I think they stop me from the monotony of the curated feed and they always cause me to pause.”

What will you be doing for International Women’s Day?

Eliot Sayavong, Intern: “At the end of the workday I will be going to the premiere of Captain Marvel, as I am a huge Marvel fan AND she is a female superhero lead…”

Marion Rossignol, Digital Designer: “I will be working on International Women’s Day pieces for clients, hoping soon enough it wont need to have just one single specific day allocated for it to be a subject in social medias.”

Celine Croes, Account Executive: “Personally; I make it a point to share my favourite feminist quotes, stories and highlight the empowering women in my life. Client wise; check out our rendition of a powerful saying on Hedkandi ;)”

Hannah Penhall, Account Manager: “Supporting IWD at Maddox Gallery wahooooooooo”

Laura Colledge, Account Manager: “I have the day off, so hopefully following a lot of great International Women’s Day content!”

Aimee Laurel, Account Manager: “Capturing the live IWD speech happening at RS Components!”

Is there anything else you’d like to add or want to share on International Women’s Day that might be useful for the blog?

Eliot Sayavong, Intern: “Coco Chanel (amazing women with an amazing story and curiosity) once said, ‘In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.’ Coco, originally Gabrielle, has always been a woman I found inspirational even though I don’t work in the fashion industry (but I do love it.) I highly recommend the book ‘Mademoiselle Chanel’ by C.W Gortner, it may not be about feminism or about women empowerment exactly, but it is a fantastic book about a woman’s life that has been impactful for me and my outlook as a woman.”

Celine Croes, Account Executive: “I am a feminist at heart and following empowering women that are in the media industry has been very helpful for me. Check out this week’s IGTV videos on WBR with women in the music industry giving advice and sharing their experience!”

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