Instagram Reels Now Allows 30-Second Videos

Instagram Is Rolling Out Updates To Reels

Instagram Reels is doubling the length of videos in a new update, from 15-second videos to 30 seconds. Reels’ biggest competitor, TikTok, lets people record videos up to a minute in length, so it makes sense for Instagram to be stepping up. Creators will now also be able to extend the timer when recording to 10 seconds, and will be able to trim and delete any clip during the editing process. 

“We continue to improve Reels based on people’s feedback, and these updates make it easier to create and edit,” Instagram Reels product director Tessa Lyons-Laing said in a statement.

The way we see it, Reels has a big opportunity to become a dominant competitor within the market, especially with TikTok facing the looming threat of a U.S. ban. However, it still needs to come a long way before it matches TikTok in both popularity and user count.



(Image Creds: Reels)